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Myriad 6

With more than 25 years of experience developing mission critical software used by thousands of radio stations around the world, we are proud to introduce the all new Myriad 6 Playout, the ultimate connected and flexible solution for stations of all types and sizes.

Myriad 6 has been built from the ground up to provide broadcasters with the tools they need to create engaging and relevant content to meet the challenges of a changing media landscape by making great radio!

  • Engineered from the ground up to meet the current and future needs of modern radio.
  • Fully scalable from single workstation to full enterprise level solution.
  • Flexible design and fully customisable interface via our Dynamic Layouts.
  • Robust audio playout and creation tools designed to streamline workflows.
  • Presenter focused operations developed by a team with a real world track record in making radio.


Myriad 6 Playout isn’t just for big stations, it is suitable for radio stations of all types and sizes.

It can be used as a stand alone solution or as part of an enterprise level deployment in a multi studio environment.

The flexible nature of the system means that Myriad 6 Playout can be utilised in more areas of your station than ever before. These include:

  • Live Assisted Playout
  • Fully Automated Playout
  • Show Planning & Voice Tracking
  • Audio Production

Myriad 6 Playout includes an exciting range of powerful tools to help you produce engaging radio that will enchant your listeners and beat your competition

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